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Premium Top Flower TEA - SPECIAL SAUCE

Premium Top Flower TEA - SPECIAL SAUCE

from 99.00

Special Sauce - 2018

This was an impressive cultivar to grow. Special Sauce stood out with its hefty growth pattern and large, dense flowers. By the end of august, Special Sauce was in full bloom with exotic astringent berry and fuel flavors that diffused across the entire field! Flowers are thick and coated in resin with flavors that are otherworldly. A coveted strain for both trimmed flower and full spectrum oil extraction.

Testing on this flower showed beta-Caryophyllene makes of 15.4% of the terpene profile. This terpene has been linked with aiding the effects of depression and anxiety.

Dominant effects reported are uplifted and relaxed.

100% Organically grown. Zero pesticides. Zero synthetics. 

Orders include the top 3-4” of flower tops on stem + off stem buds.


  • C - B - D -a : 19.09%

  • Total terpenes: 1.837%

  • Delta 9 -T - H - C : 0.0%

R&D potency results available upon request. All orders are shipped with state compliant test results.

All sales are completed in accordance with farm bill 7606. We do not ship outside the USA.


  • $120 - Sample Pack - 7 grams of all 4 strains (1 ounce total)

  • $99 - 1 ounce ($3.53/gram)

  • $299 - 4 ounces ($2.62/gram)

  • $399 - 8 ounces ($1.75/gram)

  • $649 - 1 pound ($1.43/gram)

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