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Premium Top Flower TEA - LIFTER

Premium Top Flower TEA - LIFTER

from 99.00

LIFTER - 2018

Lineage = Special Sauce & new world Haze line. This cultivar was one of our largest in flower size. The flavor is sweet funk, with some hints of lemon & fuel. At 20%, Lifter tested the highest in C B D -a out of all of our 2018 strains. The dried flowers are slightly more airy than our other strains, but very potent!

Among the many beneficial attributes of this relatively new cultivar, many describe the effects felt as uplifted and happy.

100% Organically grown. Zero pesticides. Zero synthetics. 

Orders include the top 3-4” of flower tops on stem + off stem buds.


  • C -B- D - a : 20.08%

  • Total terpenes: 5.033 %

  • Delta 9 -T- H- C : 0.0%

R&D potency results available upon request. All orders are shipped with state compliant test results.

All sales are completed in accordance with farm bill 7606. We do not ship outside the USA.


  • $120 - Sample Pack - 7 grams of all 4 strains (1 ounce total)

  • $99 - 1 ounce ($3.53/gram)

  • $299 - 4 ounces ($2.62/gram)

  • $399 - 8 ounces ($1.75/gram)

  • $649 - 1 pound ($1.43/gram)

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